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Mining the second Bitcoin network coin.

PiCoin is free mining and is the first coin to be mined with a smartphone.

It's a coin developed by Dr. Nicholas Stanford, a former CTO of StartX, and the Intra Mainnet opened in December, 21. Up to 100 million people will be mined worldwide (now 30 million people). Products can be traded on the Intra Mainnet, and it can be listed on the exchange on the open Mainnet (expected in June 2022). A lot of people are mining because they don't lose anything if they just keep it and they're called the second bitcoins that are mined by cell phones.  



Store network installation → Sign up for Facebook or phone number → Enter name → Enter code to use → Invitation code: ssum → Click the mining button and then mine (just click the mining button every 24 hours)



A steady mine may give you economic freedom in two or three years.  


Mining is up to the miner's will...  


[Stanford College Knight]

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